320UV flexo printing machine

Printing group adopts petal structure, easy to change plate
Printing and ink transfer pressure adjustment: the plate roller adopts the roll shoulder mode to adjust the printing pressure and ink transfer pressure to fine adjust the corresponding support frame on both sides. The plate roller does not need large adjustment to change small printing pressure. If there are special printing requirements, only a little fine adjustment is needed to greatly improve the efficiency of printing.

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1.Super short distance from feeding to receiving.
2.Ceramic stick with scraper, printing smooth, clear color.
3.The length of repeated printing is 190.5-635MM to fill the gap of insufficient printing length of laminated flexographic press.
4.The gear color register is adopted to solve the defects of 360-degree color register, such as large gap and poor assembly, which affect the accuracy of 
color register and the stability of printing.
5.From the coil material for paper, printing, infrared drying, winding coherent completion.
6.① feeding ② automatic constant tension ③ scraper ④ printing unit ⑤ traction ⑥ automatic constant tension ⑦ center receiving material